Build · Understand · Analyse

Evidence underpins drug development from proof-of-concept to the clinic and beyond. At Evida, evidence is the foundation of everything we do. We can support evidence generation, consolidation, understanding and analysis providing a robust basis for planning and implementation.

Think · Interpret · Recommend

Making sense of a disparate and complex evidence base is at the heart of the Evida skillset. We consolidate the evidence to identify key findings and determine implications. Our consultants use their extensive knowledge and experience of the pharmaceutical industry to make strategically relevant recommendations based on their expert insights.

Plan · Implement · Succeed

By transforming our recommendations into actions we work with clients from concept to delivery. We develop strategies and tangible action plans that we support you to implement. At Evida, we also understand the importance of evaluating the impact of your activities; therefore, measures are integrated into projects to improve deployment and demonstrate success.

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Our Evida Consultants

Our expert team provides extensive experience of the pharmaceutical industry across functions and therapy areas. We work in partnership with client teams to help you deliver your objectives

Evida is part of AMICULUM, an independent family of seven healthcare agencies with over 200 healthcare communications professionals in 10 worldwide locations. We collaborate with this wider group to provide clients with the optimal team scale and skills tailored for their project

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Khaled Musallam

Khaled Musallam is co-founder of Evida and AMICULUM’s Global Medical Lead. He is a respected Global key opinion leader in the field of haematology and has senior level industry experience as a Clinical Lead at Novartis where he led large, multicentre clinical trials for key established and pipeline products.

At Evida, Khaled has partnered with several global pharmaceutical teams to support establishment and successful implementation of clinical development plans, clinical trials, and regulatory strategies for novel therapies in several indications within haematology, oncology and rare diseases. He also deploys his field expertise to support medical affairs clients alongside the wider Evida team.

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Claire Woon

Claire has delivered a broad range of projects covering market access, health economics and marketing/branding. This has provided a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry including a specific interest in the economic impact of treatments in different markets.

Claire has worked with a range of major pharmaceutical clients supporting the communication of complex economic and medical information for a payer audience. She is a specialist in value strategy development, using her understanding of different markets/landscapes to determine the optimum strategy to communicate complex information and to define successful strategic approaches.

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James Aird

James is an expert in product and portfolio strategy and commercialization. He enjoys working closely with pharmaceutical and healthcare clients to help address their challenges for the benefit of their brands, businesses and customers.

James has delivered a wide range of marketing and medical projects commissioned by small, medium and large pharma, many of whom have gone on to become repeat clients and with whom a close working relationship has been established.

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Sarah Theobald

Sarah has extensive experience working with major pharmaceutical clients supporting brands from early development through to lifecycle management. She has worked with both medical and marketing teams establishing long-term partnerships based on a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals and the patients they treat.

Sarah is adept at taking complex challenges and defining strategic approaches and actionable plans. Her ability to analyse and interpret the ‘big picture’ allows Sarah to identify approaches that have impact.

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Zoë van Helmond

Zoë has a wealth of experience in delivering strategic medical and marketing projects for investigational and mature brands across many therapy areas.

Her particular expertise lies in the field of medical affairs, working closely with medical teams from Global through to MSLs on-the-ground, giving her a full perspective of the medical affairs function from strategy to delivery. With her strong technical/scientific background, Zoë is a specialist at analysing and interpreting complex data and information, and distilling this into clear messages and actionable insights.

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